The internet has made the retail world smaller and offered shoppers a world-wide marketplace where they can find cheap deals on all kinds of fashion, electronics, and home products.

Multiple e-commerce retailers are working to earn your dollars by promoting deep discounts on trendy clothing and on-style accessories to build a wardrobe on a budget. One of the popular sites taking advantage of this shopping trend is CoraChic.

If you love a good deal on new, chic clothing, then the banners offering women’s fashion starting at $9.99 and shoes for 70% off will definitely catch your eye. But, how much can you trust these rock-bottom prices?

CoraChic Clothing, Shoes, and More

It’s easy to get caught up in the immediate desire to get a great deal, but you should first stop and consider if CoraChic clothing and accessories are worth it. Is CoraChic safe?

Are the majority of CoraChic reviews from customers positive or negative? Is CoraChic legit? Could you be buying into a CoraChic scam without realizing it?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, you’ll want to read on. Our CoraChic review will give you all the answers to those important questions and the information you need to make smart decisions while shopping online.

We’ll take a close look at CoraChic customer reviews to help you determine whether CoraChic clothing is worth the price. We’ll also answer the question, “Is CoraChic legit?” and explore whether you should be worried about a CoraChic scam.

CoraChic Company Review | Is CoraChic Legit?

CoraChic clothing company was founded in 2015 and is based in Hong Kong. It’s difficult to find information on the history of the company on the company’s website other than the company started “with a beautiful vision to make high fashion affordable for everyone.”

Shoppers can find a wide array of products on the site, including shoes, dresses, jackets, purses, and blouses.

Although there are plenty of low-cost options on, how can you tell if CoraChic is legit? In the sections below, we’ll examine whether CoraChic is legit by looking at the company’s locations.

Where is CoraChic Located?

In researching the question, “Is CoraChic legit” we took a look at where the company is located. Our review found that, although the company has a USA billing address, their operating address is in Hong Kong.

We also found another shipping address for returns listed in Guangdong, China, which is likely the location of their warehouses.

Multiple addresses can certainly be confusing from a shopper’s perspective, but not entirely out of the ordinary for overseas fashion retailers selling globally. As such, having multiple addresses does not mean that the CoraChic clothing brand is not legit. 

CoraChic Review | Is CoraChic a Scam?

Overseas manufacturers like Wish, Liligal, Rosegal, Romwe, and CoraChic frequently attract reviews from shoppers accusing the company of running a scam.

Whether it’s due to prolonged shipping, lack of communication, fraudulent charges, poor quality, or sketchy refund policies, it’s rare to find a Chinese manufacturer that hasn’t had at least a handful of scam accusations.

Some of this is due to the difference in customer service in the retail culture between countries, and part is due to serious issues with providing an honest representation on the site of the product that a consumer is actually receiving, once they do receive it.

So, what about CoraChic? Should you be worried about a CoraChic scam?

On the surface, CoraChic is not a scam—there are positive reviews from real people who seem to have had genuinely good experiences. While their return policies are not ideal, they are publicly advertised, leaving the consumer to buy at their own risk.

CoraChic Clothing Return and Refund Policies

Unfortunately, CoraChic’s return and refund policies are not necessarily created with the customer in mind. If a customer returns an item that does not have a manufacturing defect, the customer is responsible for “the cost of shipping return is paid by you”.

Returns need to be made within 7 days after delivery, and they note that if the item is damaged or the size or color doesn’t match what you ordered, you can get a replacement or a full refund.

What happens if you have another reason for a return? The CoraChic policy says that “7 Days NO REASON to return”, sounds good.

For many consumers, this generates situations that certainly feel like scams, where obtaining a full refund for CoraChic clothing is either incredibly difficult or impossible.

Corachic Return/Refund Policy

Corachic Return/Refund Policy

CoraChic Clothing Quality Complaints

It’s also worth mentioning that many shoppers have issued complaints about product quality, claiming that CoraChic clothing is cheap, poorly sized, and in some cases, unwearable.

We’ve also noted a few examples already where CoraChic reviewers stated the item they Never received what they ordered.

However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting what you expected, since that's just a part of people saying that, many people have left very positive comments.. Overall, consumers using should not expect to get the same quality of clothes or customer service as they might from a US-based company.

Conclusion: Should You Shop at

When it comes to shopping on, the old adage rings true: buyer beware. In the case of fast fashion from overseas retailers, lower prices don’t always make a purchase worth it.

Ultimately, CoraChic isn’t significantly worse than other websites that sell cut-rate fashions that originate from China and other Asian countries.

A positive for many shoppers is that CoraChic seems to warehouse and sell the products themselves, rather than simply being a marketplace to connect buyers with sellers. This gives some shoppers comfort to at least know they’re buying directly from the company.



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